Long-aged Zibello Culatello with parmesan and salad balsamic vinegar pears from our acetaia

The best selection of Emilia and national cured meats with hot bread and crunchy vegetables in sweet and sour (for two people)

Seasonal salad with seared cheek “burns,” drops of vinegar balsamic and toasted pine nuts

The bresaola rolls of Valtellina alla Rossini with celery of Verona, rhinestones of parmesan and notes of truffle

L’escalope de fois gras with shrimp and reduction wine of Pantelleria

First courses

Tortellini “Golden Drop”, a famous speciality of Bitone

Classic Tagliatelle at Bologna ragout

The gramigna with the sausage beat with wine and tomato

Fresh pasta macaroni with light veal and culatello ragout

The handmade tortellini “of our shop” in broth

Oven-baked typical Bolognese lasagna (20 minutes)

Dry passatelli from Romagna with seasonal truffle

Second courses

Bolognese-style cutlet, topped with Parma ham and cheese

Grilled lardellate fillet skewer with parmesan flakes and seasonal firsts

The lamb chops presalè, peculiarity of New Zealand, grilled seared

Bitone beef fillet, seared with balsamic vinegar, capers, bacon and parmesan

The chopped veal kidney, as it once was, at the brandy

The beef chateaubriand with its Bernese (for two people)

* * *

Our dishes are always served with seasonal vegetables